Irwin’s latest “Dryad” series focuses on mythology, particularly the Celtic tradition. “Dryad” focuses on the Celtic Tree Alphabet. In ancient Ireland, this primitive alphabet was used for orthodox inscriptions on monuments. It was in use from the 4th century A.D. through the 10th century. Monuments bearing these inscriptions are rare. The alphabet used several tree names as names for the letters. Irwin focuses on the apple and yew trees.  Irwin has also been inspired by the Nazca lines; ancient geoglyphs resembling animals carved into the Peruvian landscape.

Another series was inspired by alchemy cards, which are similar to Tarot cards. “I was doing a self-reading when the ‘Transform’ came up,” says Irwin. “I used the image on the card to make the felted wall pieces you see in this series.” These pieces are meant to be hung side by side.

There are also some assemblage pieces inspired by Frieda Kahlo. When she was in Detroit, she lost her baby. The pieces are meant to show empathy for her when she lost her child.


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