Art Column: Week of September 20th, 2015

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In case You Missed It…

The gallery’s own Jeremy Hansen launches new show, “Only Human”

Jeremy Hansen opened his new solo show, “Only Human”, on Saturday, September 12th, at the Atomic Cafe Gallery in Hamtramck. Works include paintings on canvas and paper, audio/video installations and sculptures made of tires.  If you missed the opening, It’s not too late to see it.  It is expected to be on display until the end of October.  Dates will posted as they are decided.

This show comes at a perfect time for Jeremy. He’s leaving for Germany next month for “Inklusion” , an international art exhibit at a Munich gallery.  This marks Jeremy’s second expedition to Germany. Last year he traveled to Berlin to be included in a ‘trash” show by invitation of the Trash Queen of Berlin, ADLER

Vagrant Heart
From the North came a vagrant heart who builds homes for the lonely soul with his work. And what better place to house soul than in Metro Detroit? Violently splashed color paints a tale inspired by heartache and the urban landscape that surrounds us; a story untold. Abstract is a language all its own created by the artist. If one is can understand it, they’ve indeed found a haven. Welcome, friends. From his soul to yours,
I give you Jeremy E Hansen. 

-Kasey Pierce

Only Human heart

Photo: Scott Galeski



Expo Chicago

Expo Chicago 1


Expo Chicago 2

Expo Chicago 3

There are many layers to the art world and Patt Slack, Jeremy Hansen and Patricia Izzo just attended one of those on behalf of River’s Edge Gallery. Art Expo Chicago is an annual event showcasing galleries from all over the world. The galleries come in hopes of meeting art collectors and promoting/selling the artists they represent. These expositions, also known as Basels and Biennals, occur all over the world. Booths come at a very high price (starting at $15,000) and results are not guaranteed and often questionable especially since such fairs have blossomed in the last few years from “several” to hundreds.

Nonetheless, it is a sight to be seen. Indeed there are some fabulous artists both well know and emerging including some rare Jim Dine’s. These were Jeremy’s favorites as his present one man show at Atomic Cafe was sort of a homage to Dine and his hearts. Izzo found some irresistible photography and inspiration as she gears up for her new show coming to River’s Edge Gallery in 2017. Her favorite? A series by Sandro Miller of John Malkovich recreating iconic images from iconic photos posing as everybody from Andy Warhol to a migrant mother to both Yoko Ono and John Lennon in the same famous photo of a naked Lennon straddling a fully clothed Yoko. I, of course, loved the huge painting by Roberto Fabelo of a red tongued demon with the looks of a collared rabid dog. Dante like and exquisitely done. I seem to go toward the art that is only beautiful after you get past the not so beautiful.

There are other parts of the art world represented such as artists organizations, media dedicated to the arts and nonprofits making a better world through art. Just going to these exhibits and being surrounded totally by “art” and art lovers makes for a great day no matter the under belly of the art world which is always present in any of the creative fields.

The next trip will be Jeremy’s trip to Germany where he will be part of an international show followed by a trip to Miami Basel in December. Look for more news to come on the international art scene.


Featured Artist: Johnny Bee BadanjekTheArtistAndHisMother


This week’s featured artist is Johnny Bee Badanjek. Badanjek got his creative start in the music world playing drums for Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. He has recorded with dozens of headliners over the years including Edgar Winter, The Rockets, Alice Cooper, Dr.John, Bob Seger, Nils Lofgren, and The Romantics. Throughout his musical success, Badanjek always felt driven to one day give painting a try. He is now one of the most prolific painters on the Detroit art scene in addition to maintaining a presence in the music world. Badanjek draws inspiration from his imagination, personal experiences and the Motor City. His works are free flowing and unrestricted in nature. Never dull in color, his work is unafraid to cross borders between genres and styles.

Professor Farrell Returns

The legendary lectures continue…

Professor Michael Farrell returns with a new round of entertaining, informative art lectures next month! This time the topic is American Illustrators.This new series will focus on three illustrators in particular: N.C. Wyeth, J.C. Leyendecker, and Rockwell Kent.

Join us and fellow art lovers at the Downriver Council for the Arts, located at 81 Chestnut Street in Wyandotte, MI. To make reservations, call: 734-720-0671 or Email:

Tickets are:
$15 per person
$10 DCA Members
$5 full time students w/valid ID

Coming Fall 2015

Look for exciting new shows coming this Fall at the gallery. Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters with more info and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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