1 October

Art Column: Week of September 20th, 2015

  In case You Missed It… The gallery’s own Jeremy Hansen launches new show, “Only Human” Jeremy Hansen opened his new solo show, “Only Human”, on Saturday, September 12th, at the Atomic Cafe Gallery in Hamtramck. Works include paintings on canvas and paper, audio/video installations and sculptures made of tires.  If you missed the opening, It’s not too late […]

21 November

Leo Kuschel Opens Tonight

Leo Kuschel opens tonight 6-10pm for his annual show here at River’s Edge. Thank you to the News Herald for the ink! Read the article here.

27 June

Motor City Griot Society: Forty Statements

by: Stephanie Knight West African Tradition Meets Detroit Industrialism In a world where white collar jobs are increasingly in demand and blue collar jobs are few and far between, Detroit industry has endured. There are some, however, who doubt this endurance. There is a debate about the rebirth of Detroit: is it reality or wishful […]

14 March

2014 Season Opener

Who: Maralena Howard, Tim Southward, M.E. Croci What: “Status Chroma” When: March 21st-April 30th, Opening and Meet the Artists on Friday, March 21st 6-10pm. Where: River’s Edge Gallery 3024 Biddle Ave. Wyandotte, MI 48192 Contact Info: 734-246-9880  info@artattheedge.com On Friday March 21st, 6-10pm, River’s Edge Gallery at 3024 Biddle in Wyandotte, MI will host a […]

28 February

Art Exhibit in Denver

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By: Stephanie Knight   I’ve been to several renown art museums over the years. The Met in New York, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and of course the Detroit Institute of Arts. This past week, I was fortunate enough to make it out to Denver. I wasn’t able to get […]

19 February

Movie Reminds Viewers of Art’s Mission

by: Stephanie Knight  Art is Priceless In “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” there is a scene in which Indiana Jones points a grenade launcher at the stolen Ark of the Covenant. Jones thought that by threatening the Ark, he could convince his rival to give it back.  His rival, a French archaeologist named Belloq, remains […]

12 February

Valentine’s Day

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by: Stephanie Knight Valentine’s Day is this Friday. It’s a000 funny holiday, when you think about it. There’s not the same financial pressure like there is on Christmas. You’re not expected to get your sweetheart copious gifts, but the gift you decide on has a greater emotional weight to it. Of course, there are some […]

31 January

Art Collecting in Detroit

by: Stephanie Knight The art world in Detroit is something that keeps rearing its head in the news. Most notably, the D.I.A and the fight to keep the artwork in Detroit. However, there’s more to Detroit than the art at the D.I.A. Not suggesting the D.I.A’s collection is shabby, but art is not just for […]

27 January

The Dirty Show–Detroit

The Dirty Show by: Stephanie Knight It’s almost that time of year again: the Dirty Show. This is the show in which artists from around the world exhibit their more sensual art. The point of the show is to promote erotic art in all its forms. River’s Edge Gallery has many artists showing their art […]

20 January

Upcoming Shows

The next few months will bring exciting new art to the gallery. We want you to stay up to date on everything in the Detroit art world so here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in the coming months: Glass Month-Michigan Since 1980, many galleries have dedicated part of their space to Glass Month. […]

17 January

Gary Grimshaw

by: Stephanie Knight For those of you who don’t know me, I am the Promotional Director at River’s Edge Gallery. Even though I’ve been exposed to the Detroit art world, every now and then I discover an artist I never knew existed. This happened earlier this week. I came to work and was bombarded by […]

27 December

Leo Kuschel-The Inspiration Behind the Art

Leo Kuschel is huge in the Detroit art world. He has been collected by celebrities including the late Vincent Price and commissioned by former President George H.W. Bush. The commission celebrated the friendship between the newly reunited Germany and the U.S. The painting hung in the Oval Office until the end of his presidency. The […]

26 December

New Detroit Art: 2014

2013 is almost over. It’s been a great year for River’s Edge Gallery. We had several favorites return and many new faces. We’re looking forward to 2014 and can’t wait to see the beautiful pieces arriving next year. Here’s a recap of what 2013 saw: Detroit Favorites 1. Birgit Huttemann-Holz Birgit has been renown in […]

4 September

Michigan Women Artists

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D.I.A, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and More! It’s no secret that Detroit is struggling financially. As heated debate over auctioning the D.I.A’s treasures continues, the world’s eye rests on the city. Art has become not only the most valuable asset for the city, but also something more readily discussed by the population. Art is no longer […]

11 June

Art Is Everywhere…and It’s Important

I know I’ve touched on this topic before in various posts (“Why Interior Design is Affordable for All” and “Why Cities Need Multiple Art Spaces”) but after seeing Baz Luhrmann’s  The Great Gatsby, I thought it was time to refresh the topic. For a writer and artist like myself, art is ever present. I feel about […]

21 May

Our June Show

When you ask an American today when the “Golden Age” of their country was, the most likely answer would be the ’50s and ’60s. We were coming out of war, victorious. There was a surplus of wealth. The economy was good. But perhaps the most memorable thing from this time is the pop culture. Clothing, […]

14 May

The opening of “In a Gallery Far, Far Away” was lots of fun. As I mentioned in my teaser post, there were over half a dozen Lucasfilm illustrators here for the opening. In addition, several well known metro-Detroit artists also contributed work. There will be plenty of photos in the post, but first an introduction. […]

4 April

Why Interior Design is Affordable For All

When I hear the phrase “interior design,” I think of Will & Grace. For those of you who didn’t watch the show, Grace was an interior designer. I also think of the expensive projects she did for wealthy Manhattan clients. It made me think that I would never be able to afford a design project […]

28 February

The More the Merrier: Why More Art Spaces in a City is Beneficial

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Too often in our society, art is pushed to side. Whenever school districts face budget cuts, art, music, and drama programs are the first to go. When people decide to major in Fine Arts or, God forbid, attend art school, they often met with disdain. Why do you want to go to art school? What […]