Leo Kuschel

Nov./Dec. 2015

Our annual show featuring maritime artist Leo Kuschel will close out the 2015 season. Opening is Friday November 20th, 2015 6-10pm. Follow us on social media for more information as the show approaches.

Let’s Pretend

June 19th-July 24th


On Friday,  June 19th, River’s Edge Gallery in Wyandotte will unveil their latest exhibition “Let’s Pretend”.   This show focuses on landscapes and still lifes, featuring various artists from metro Detroit. “Let’s Pretend” is the second part of a series that focuses on traditional art genres with a contemporary twist. Last month’s “Dream(Face)Land” dealt with portraiture and figurative art.

The inspiration for this exhibition came from a poem written by Jim Slack, the late husband of gallery owner Patt Slack.  Jim co-founded the gallery with Ms. Slack in 1980 and operated it with her until his passing in 2001. Jim was well known in the Detroit and Downriver art scene. Previous to that he had an active art career on the East & West Coasts. The poem asks the viewer to pretend that a  painting’s smudges, markings and squiggles are objects in a landscape. The poem goes on to ask if  the viewer would pretend that they are an audience and the poet is the artist. “The poem possesses the sentiment most artists feel about criticism,” says Jeremy Hansen, gallery director.  “Jim was an artist’s artist. He kept journals with poems, ideas, sketches and even mixed media paintings. Even though he passed away in 2001, you can still see his influence to this day.”

For “Let’s Pretend” dozens of artists were asked to create their idea of a still life and/or landscape in various forms including ceramics, photography, conceptual, textile and painting. According to Hansen, “Submission guidelines encouraged a no holds barred atmosphere so artists could freely portray their interpretations.  It’s a beautiful juxtaposition by artists who create a traditional form through a contemporary lens. It’s interesting that something simple and regular can bare and expose the character of the artist and their life.”

“Let’s Pretend” will remain on display for the annual Wyandotte Art Fair in July of 2015. Opening reception will be held on Friday June 19th 6-10pm. For more information, call (734) 246-9880 or email riversedgegallery@wyan.org.

let's pretend video


May 15th-June 12th


Artists dream of faces and land in new exhibits

In an exhibition examining portraiture and figurative art titled “Dream (Face) Land”  River’s Edge Gallery is pleased to present artists Corey Scillian, Tony Roko, Bill Morrison, Mark Julians, Kyra Wojcik, Jerome Ferretti, Edgar Sterling Wise, Mary Y. Trusel, Patricia Izzo as well as new works by Niagara.  An opening reception is planned for Friday May 15th 6-9pm. In “Dream(Face)Land” you see variations on a genre that has been around for thousands of years and spans virtually every culture from the deserts of ancient Egypt to the jungles of the Mayans. The ability to create art, especially portraits, is uniquely human. It demonstrates our ability to be self-aware.   Each artist brings their unique style to the table by the use of many mediums including painting, sculpture and fibre art. According to Gallery Director, Jeremy Hansen,  “The show will give the viewer a full spectrum of portraiture from the Georgian period to modern pop-art.    ” Dream(Face)Land” celebrates portraiture and figurative art and will serve as a precursor to River’s Edge Gallery’s upcoming show featuring landscape and still life.” During the opening reception visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artists.   The exhibit will remain up through June 12th.

Detroit artists create portraits in plethora of varieties

Art–and the ability to create it–is one of the defining characteristics of humankind. In most ways, we’re not different from many other critters on the planet: we eat, sleep, have offspring, even dream. But we are the only species that creates art. More than that, we have the gift of self-recognition. Portraiture is a unique genre in the art world and deals with this concept.

Portraiture has been around for thousands of years and spans virtually every culture from mummy portraits of ancient Egypt to Andy Warhol in modern America. Portraits may be created for religious, historical, or celebratory reasons but their goal is universal: to capture forever an image of an individual.

For “Dream(Face)Land,” Detroit artists have created works in their own unique styles. A picture may be worth a thousand words but portraits are worth a thousand feelings. The entire, complex range of human emotions is represented from curiosity to depression, happiness to boredom.

Many notable Detroit artists have contributed to “Dream(Face)Land” including internationally renowned photographer Patricia Izzo. For this show, she will unveil a new series titled “The Ethical Parable” which depicts images of women blocking evil from their life by seeing, hearing, speaking, and doing no evil.

Also exhibiting is ceramic sculptor Corey Scillian. Scillian made her debut with River’s Edge for “Breathe Fire. Drink Water. Repeat” last Fall. For this new show, she pairs animal and human figures in a series she calls “Mismatched Socks.”

Lincoln Park native Bill Morrison, co-founder of “The Simpsons,” created portraits of famous Detroit musicians Kid Rock and Stevie Wonder and paired them with Detroit food and beverage brands as an homage to the Motor City.


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