Over 40 years of custom framing experience

Whether you’re framing your child’s work, your uniform, or your van Gogh original, we treat your items with respect. The frame shop is conveniently located inside River’s Edge Gallery.

Custom Framing FAQ’s

1. What does custom framing entail?

Custom framing is different from your normal framing experience. When you come to River’s Edge Gallery, you won’t find ready-made, standard size frames. We treat your piece like royalty. Each frame is carefully measured to fit your piece perfectly. We’ll help you choose the right frame, matte, or fillet. Whether you’re looking for a simple metal frame for a movie poster or an elaborate wooden frame for your grandmother’s portrait, we have a frame for every style. We have hundreds of frames and mattes to choose from!

2. What types of glass are there to choose from?

There are dozens of glasses or “glazing” as we say in the framing business. Depending on your need, we can use anything from no glazing to highly protective Plexiglass. There are three choices that remain popular for their versatility and quality.

Museum Glass®

Museum Glass is the #1 choice for, well, museums! This nearly invisible glazing is perfect for UV protection and anti-glare.

  • 99% UV Protection to help protect your art from fading.
  • Amazing Clarity that enables you to see the artwork and not reflections. The glass is almost invisible. Colors are brighter and contrast levels are higher, making it easier to admire the finer details of your piece.

See the difference for yourself!

Regular glass

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Museum Glass®

2015-04-22 17_45_54-Tru Vue -

Conservation Clear®

This type of glass offers the highest level of UV protection available.  Over time, UV rays will cause fading and deterioration of your piece. This is the best choice for glazing. Note: does not offer as good reflection control as Conservation Reflection Control® or Museum Glass®. Does not degrade or delaminate over time.  Tru Vue uses a proprietary inorganic, silica-based UV blocking coating, which is “baked” into the glass substrate producing a permanently bonded coating. Excellent choice for posters to preserve ink, images, and autographs.

Conservation Reflection Control®

Matte like finish that scatters light to minimize unwanted glare. Best choice for reflection, anti-glare control. Comprised of three layers: non-glare finish, UV coating, and 2.5mm glass.




  • GeraldVonberger

    I really like how these frames look. We just bought a beautiful original piece of art and I want to give it the frame that it deserves. None of the ones I’ve looked at are quite right. I think we’re going to get a custom frame like one of those in the picture for it. http://www.dallasframearts.com/main/services.htm

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