Danyelle Therese received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC), Portland Oregon. Although her concentration was in both metals and painting, Therese minored in creative writing — often working in mixed media communicating the written word through installation art.  Her love of the written word is what inspires her passion to create — using the seductive nature of color to lure the viewer into an intimate trance. Therese has shown her work in the James Pearson Duffy Gallery 2010 (Detroit, Michigan),the Hoffman Gallery 2006-2009(Portland, Oregon), as well as Art Adventure Gallery 2006-2008 (Madras, Oregon) and Disjecta Gallery 2009 (Portland,Oregon). Danyelle was one of ten OCAC student writers chosen to read an original piece for Portland Oregon’s annual event, “Active Voice.”  Therese was also one of fifteen artists (nationally) chosen to participate in, “Electoral Collage” in 2008 — a national  1juried show — (Portland Oregon). Danyelle is currently working as a Studio Artist for her business, “Elle and Sebastian Studios.”

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