Maralena PortraitBIO

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan – Maralena Howard is a painter – mixed media artist and writer.  Her focuses on abstract and minimalist subjects are prominent.  Of her work, Maralena states,  “I celebrate the complex nature of detailed simplicity.  Capture.  Repossess. Release.  In each piece, there is liberation.”

In 2008, she received the “Emerging Artist” award from the Downriver Council for the Arts.  Since then, her work has been exhibited in galleries, special venues, hospitals, municipal offices, and businesses though out Michigan, the United States and Internationally.


The work reflects a reality of reconciliation.

It is a restorative – getting back to good.

I paint the secret self.


Name it your own.

Be at peace.

Neither male nor female – the canvas is sexless.

Pure connection is the ultimate goal.

I sit with space, surface and non-intention.

Silence and emptiness take its own direction.

Pigment strolls, rest at points or cast and stay.

Others vanish altogether.

They visit, then leave or morph into some new existence.

Work holds many layers.

Some perfect – Others scratched and marred.

Harmony and discord build upon each other much like life itself.

Nothing is so simple that it loses its pure voice.

Truth presents itself without permission.

In the end, empty decides what fills it.

This is true for the canvas and the soul.

Take it all in.


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