Artist Statement

Photography has been at the center of my working life. Having retired a few years ago after working in that field for 20 wonderful years at the Detroit Institute of Arts, I find myself in the heady position of calling my own shots. literally speaking. At this point in my life, I feel as if I AM THE CAMERA…it no longer matters whether I am holding one in my hands and physically “taking” a picture.

I “see” photographs all around me and mentally distill them into a visionary “moment.” The most ordinary sights become a tableau. In fact, I seek out the common and try to make it into an “extraordinary” moment, one that most will not give a second thought to…I try to illuminate into something creative and thoughtful.

Sound crazy? That’s my love, and my life.

This vision, this third eye…Makes me aware of my surroundings, an empathy for my fellow travellers, our interactions and the affect we have on each other in our daily cycle.

I thank God for this “gift” of seeing and I hope you, as you move in closer, make the connection and “see,” with clarity, what we each offer.

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