Artist Statement

My art withered and dried as I gave away self-dominion.

It did not die but it was bound in a dank place far from

consciousness. Ultimately I was encased and finally

jettisoned which turn out to be a most wonderful gift.

Freedom yielded visual articulation once again and so I

gather, sort, glue, and color discards to create emotional

expression, give value, and renewal.

I cannot exist without creativity: the spiritual currency

that is the juice the sap the glue that connects all things.

Art allows me to see the duality of life and enables

openness. I pay homage to all who came before and I am

grateful for every gift.

I studied art and computer science, and graphic design at

Wayne County Community College, Wayne State

University and graduated from Marygrove College. I am

a student at the downriver campus of WCCCD.

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