Aphrodite Blushes


Aphrodite Blushes - 24 x 30 $1300. This item is currently not in inventory at the gallery but can be recreated as a one of a kind.

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Artist Statement

My creative force finds its natural flow in fine art photography and painting. The images I create speak to the viewer by offering glimpses into our shared human condition and honoring both the darkness and the light in our collective lives. My images reflect back to the viewer a moment in time, a fleeting second, forgotten memories, and a glance into their past, present or future. My work can unlock inner doors to healing, forgiveness, passion, sensuality, love and the possibility of change. Each image began as something hidden that longed to escape or be known. I take risks for my art. Whether the reaction is pleasant or unnerving, my images will hopefully move you. The images may require you to step out of line and maybe even break with polite society, to view a deeper meaning of desires that both plague and please. A discovery is made perhaps something new about you, someone you love or those who love you. A relationship is built between the viewer and image which is deeply personal. The meaning is not found in words, but felt, absorbed. The choice is yours. My images open an intimate door and one is able to feel an emotional or intellectual response or connection. It is this artist’s hope that my work brings what is needed most and serve the viewer well. My work is my gift . I give freely. It was what I was meant to do. May these images honor your journey – Patricia Izzo