Robby Gall

Oil Painter, Sculptor


Robby Gall, without knowing Laura Atkins, submitted Baroque style paintings at the same time although his were playful and hers were more romantic. Gall’s paintings are finely painted but Gall did not begin his painting career in the visual arts but rather in the performing arts. Gall received his Masters of Music from Wayne State University in 2001. For his master’s thesis he proposed a ballet for

marionettes. While looking for a venue to produce his show he discovered PuppetART Theater in Detroit. He was hired as a composer and also began making his own puppets. Several of these works became the subject of his future paintings.


In 2010, having never picked up a paint brush, he took an oil painting class taught by Vianna Szabo. He fell in love with the medium and has been painting ever since. His works draw heavily on the Baroque period as evident through his use of light and shadow. They are often Caravaggist in nature. His subject matter

ranges from self-portraits to portraits of puppets to more conceptual, classical inspired pieces. His work although influenced by Caravaggio has modern applications. For instance, historic 18th century figures are depicted in the modern day.


Artist Statement


When asked whether he strives to be more creative or technical, Gall said:


I do love the technical side of things and I am always striving to get better, but I don’t see a dichotomy between the two.  In fact they are intertwined.  The better you are technically the better you can convey your ideas.  If you are working in a more “painterly” or abstract style you should be doing it on purpose, not because you can’t paint well.  And conversely, nobody derides Charlie Parker or Caravaggio for being too sterile because of their technical prowess.



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