Steve GlazerGlazer earned his Masters of Fine Arts from Indiana State University with a major in ceramics. Currently, he serves as Instructor of Art and Director of Exhibitions at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, MI.

His upcoming series, opening at River’s Edge Gallery in July, was inspired by a project he created for a class at Indiana State. He credits the professor of this class for inspiring the motif of his newest work. The inspiration? The Griot character from West African culture.

While taking an African Art class, Glazer was exposed to this character. The

Griot is at once a minstrel, troubadour, historian, fortune teller, and entertainer. He is the man you go to when you need advice or to ward off evil spirits. He is the man who keeps your history alive, as well as your neighbors.

Glazer has incorporated the imagined faces of the Griot into masks for his latest series. He says, “I found that if I could start with one pieces of visual information that I wanted to include in a particular mask, the rest seemed to fall into place almost automatically. A dialogue would begin to develop between myself and the character within the mask I was creating. The character would start telling me how it needed to be put together. As a result, while I wouldn’t actually be speaking to the clay…a two way conversation would develop with each and every mask as it was being created.”

And thus was born the Motor City Griot Society Series.

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