201408-Roko-Artist-PicTony Roko is recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative artists. His recent accomplishments include commissioned pieces for Lady Gaga and Jay Leno, as well as a commission for Ford Motor  Company’s celebration of the Assembly Line’s Centennial. Tony has been featured in Ford Motor Company’s international “Go Further” ad campaign and is currently working with PBS on a documentary of his unique story. His work is also displayed in the permanent collection of Michigan’s Holocaust Memorial Center. Roko, a native of Detroit, is a self-taught artist who often incorporates repurposed industrial and architectural materials. “I find inspiration in the balance between creating art and preserving the innate history of salvaged materials,” he says, “These ever changing variables force a fresh  perspective for each new  piece, while ensuring my personal growth as an artist.” Roko’s works are technically masterful, bold, and executed with captivating emotion.


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