Amy Cheiner

For years Amy Chenier has painted the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in her celebrated sports pieces. Her works hang in the offices of Comerica Park, the private collection of Sergei Federov , Mike Illitch, and important sports collections worldwide. She is one of the most highly collected artists in Detroit. Chenier’s sports images explore the humanity of the athlete.


“I think art should prompt a reaction that is tangible and can’t necessarily be put into words. If you can talk about it why paint it? To paint is to suggest visually. And what one suggests is what makes painting so enjoyable, risky and important. Previously my artwork just showcased straight-up portraits. The portrait is still the focus of my new work, but in a more compositional, conceptual context. The power of the human face will always be the cornerstone of my work and the ideas behind it.”

Amy Cheiner

Available Works By Amy Cheiner.

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