Emilie mae

Emilie Mae is a Detroit-based artist, she began her journey while living on the island of Kauai. Her initial training was from local artist, Giorgio Naranjo who introduced her to painting in palette knife style. All of Emilie's work is done entirely with this tool.  Emilie's work has been compared with artists such as Hofmann, Pissaro, and Klimt by Chicago art-critic, Lori Waxman.  Emilie actively exhibits her work throughout the Midwest. Her work can be found in many, private, corporate, and public art collections. 


My paintings are constructed through an orderly and yet free-flowing arrangement of color. Paint gets slapped on in many layers with a palette knife, I find this method to be mentally freeing and it allows me to focus on placement of color and texture.  As shown in my portfolio, my work is constantly  and boldly, evolving  with great intention. I paint what inspires me.  Often, my inspiration comes from my day-to-day life and my surroundings. I see inspiration in sunlight streaming through the trees, a quiet street at dawn, the vibrant energy found in the city. I am also inspired by emotions and I strive to let them shine though, particularly in my abstract work.  I paint for the joy it brings me, for the sense of peace, for the exploration of curiosity. These are emotions I hope will translate to the viewer upon encountering my work. I feel a sense of purpose when I paint.  In these negative and chaotic times, my purpose is to provide a break from it all. I need to break away from the negativity and CREATE, create something positive and meaningful.

Emilie Mae

Available Works By Emilie Mae

Please call 734.246.9880 or email info@artartattheedge.com for more information or to purchase.