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Le Printemps d’Yver

Mozart Inspires French Artist to Create New Works in Metro Detroit

River’s Edge Gallery is pleased to announce the return of French artist Étienne Yver for his latest show, “Le Printemps d’Yver.” Inspired by the operas of Mozart, Yver combined his love of music and painting to create a fresh interpretation of the composer. This interpretation is a series of  colorful paintings that capture the raw emotion in the operas. Coinciding with“Le Printemps d’Yver,” the Windsor Symphony Orchestra will perform a selection of Mozart’s work on the evenings of April 24th and 30th. After the performances guests will have the opportunity to meet Yver.

The show’s title is inspired by a book of the same name by French writer Jacques Yver. The book, a best seller in its day, is a play on the name of the author. “Le Printemps d’Yver” translates to “the springtime of Yver.” Now the title is also a play on Étienne’s name.

Yver is known for mixing mediums, in this case music and painting. “Le Printemps d’ Yver” features works inspired by the following Mozart operas: The Marriage of Figaro; Bastien and Bastienne; Don Giovanni; Thus Do They All; The Magic Flute; The Clemency of Titus; The Abduction from the Seraglio; Thamos, King of Egypt; and Zaide.

Of Yver’s work, Professor Michael Farrell of the University of Windsor states: “Monsieur Yver is a contemporary artist, in the full sense of the 21st century’s notion of such a label in that he does not restrict himself to a single medium nor limit himself to particular imagery.”

“Le Printemps” marks the second sojourn from Paris to Detroit for Yver. His last show with River’s Edge was nearly a decade ago in 2008.

In partnership with the Windsor show, River’s Edge Gallery will also have new works by Yver on display. These pieces are black and white painted drawings and will be exhibited April 12th-May 12th with an opening reception on Friday April 29, 6-10pm.

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