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"Seven" featuring seven artist, 7 styles & 7 mediums


7 artists with 1 thing in common to show at Wyandotte Gallery, featuring the works of Johnny “Bee” Badanjek, Emilie Beadle, Barbara Melnik Carson, Birgit Hutteman-Holz, Brant MacLean, Tony Miello & Tim Southward.


On June 16th River’s Edge Gallery in downtown Wyandotte will open a new exhibit simply called “7”.  This coincides with Third Fridays in downtown Wyandotte when the main street of Biddle is filled with music and food and lots of happenings. 

Jeremy Hansen, the gallery director at River’s Edge curated this show.  Jeremy explains his inspiration, “I was born in Vancouver British Columbia and started researching the art history of my homeland. I was fascinated by a famous group of Canadian artists called the “Group of Seven”.  These painters became famous after they exhibited and painted together in the 1920’s and it reminded me of the artists who are represented by River’s Edge Gallery and have formed a comradeship.  They all work in different mediums and really seem to have nothing in common but being represented at River’s Edge Gallery.  Yet you can see when one has an opening other show up and often talk about their style and art.  They know and support each other and have created a group.”


Jeremy added, “ I decided to choose seven of these artists for the first showing and I will do this annually.”    Choosing the first 7 was quite an undertaking as River’s Edge Gallery has represented artist for almost 40 years.   There is historical significance here as well according to Hansen.  He pointed out that artists have grouped together for a variety of reasons, sharing a location being the foremost.  Many became well known like the abstract expressionist in New York or the Fauvists in Germany or the Cool School in Los Angeles or the Salons of Paris. 

  “I did like the number ‘7’ as well”, stated Jeremy.  “It is a number that has many meanings and is found significant in religious and spiritual text, eastern and western philosophies and science and nature.  You have the 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 continents, seven seas, seven days a week, the lucky # 7 , the seven stages of man, 7 deadly sins and in the bible God rested on the 7th day. And now we have 7 different artists, with 7 different techniques and 7 different attitudes and approaches to art.” 


The artists are:

Johnny “Bee” Badanjek  (mixed media painter), Emilie Beadle (palette knife oil painter), Barbara Melnik Carson (ceramicist & found object), Birgit Hutteman-Holz (Encaustic painter), Brant MacLean (plein air painter), Tony Miello (commercial illustrator) & Tim Southward (glass & metal)

Please join us June 16th 6-10pm at the reception being held at River’s Edge Gallery in Historic Downtown Wyandotte for the first annual exhibit of “Seven”

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