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"36 Chances " The Fine Art Photography Of Patricia Izzo

“36 Chances” is a long awaited solo show by Patricia Izzo showcasing her fine art film photography.  River’s Edge Gallery co-owner, Patt Slack, has been encouraging Izzo for years to curate her own show, to display a group of photographs that she felt showed her best moments.  This led to a conversation about theme as she has such a large portfolio including images that have been distinguished in many ways;  in private and public collections, award winners, published in regional, national and international publications and recognized by a variety of art and community organizations.  It was decided to focus in on why she did what she did, working with film over digital.  According to Izzo,

“Somehow in the 36 negatives on each roll of film, I would find the magic, the "I got it" moment. I choose film over digital not because its better but because its a true challenge to capture that fleeting second that creates a Fine Art Photograph.  I only have 36 chances (negatives) to do so.”  

  Izzo credits her love for fine art photography to icons such as Sally Mann, Diane Arbus and Jacques Sturges as well as mentors from her time enrolled in Northern Michigan University’s art program.  She specifically credtis Professor Owen Shapiro for insights into helping her “SEE beyond SEEING”.   She sums up what she feels fine art photography is for her by quoting Minor White, "Spirit Always Stands Still  Long Enough For The Photographer It Has Chosen."  

According to Izzo in summing up her own show,   “I hope you see that "Spirit" in these 36 Fine Art Photographs, printed on classic silver print paper. I have chosen to present to you these 36 as my favorite images, the ones with the MAGIC within.  36 Chances to touch your  heart.”

Title :  Two Kings  Artist:  Patricia Izzo

Title : Two Kings Artist: Patricia Izzo

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