Leo Kuschel

Leo Kuschel has had over five years of formal education on the University level and has spent over 40 years working to improve his art. He has traveled extensively throughout the Great Lakes Region (United States and Canada) searching out the many art museums and galleries to further study the visual arts. During these travels, the exploration of the lighthouses and boats are recorded by him through his photography, drawings and paintings.

Leo spent his adolescent years in Detroit and Port Huron, Michigan always by the water; this along with the fact that three of his uncles served in the United States Lighthouse Service ( Great Lakes Region), has inspired him to devote his creative energies to record the maritime history of the Great Lakes.

For a span of 10 years the Historical Society of Michigan published an annual Great Lakes Lighthouse Calendar featuring pen and ink drawings by Leo and short stories written by both Leo and his wife Sue Kuschel.

In October 1991, Leo was commissioned by the German American Committee – U. S. A.. to create a painting depicting the fellowship between the two countries. The original painting was presented to then President George Bush as he signed documents declaring October 6th as German American day here in the United States. This painting hung in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington D.C. until the End of his presidential term. A limited edition print, entitled ‘Lights of Peace and Friendship’, was made from the original.

Available Works By Leo Kuschel.

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