Martine MacDonald

I explore notions of place and time by distilling observed land and skyscapes into oil paintings. Complementing the paintings are intimate mix media pieces constructed with copper, bones, wood, found, and crafted objects. Their themes of home and identity have a foundation in Classical and Roman Catholic mythology, literature and poetry, and the natural world. 

The work often begins as an insistent inner voice, like a line of tickling poetry. The story the art wishes to convey determines its media; and working within a series allows me to delve into an idea on multiple levels. Using reoccurring images of skies, clouds and birds, and repeated motifs of nest, saints and significant women from history and literature, reflect intuitive decisions rather than deliberate ones. 

As I refine life experiences, dreams and memories into a visual essence, I strive to move my work towards a spirituality that reconciles issues of mothering, home, place and identity. Perhaps this pursuit has its foundation in my own childhood, or perhaps it is just the very human need to know home and belonging.

Martine MacDonald

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