Myles Gallagher

Myles Gallagher has had featured works in  Black & White Magazine and Still Point Arts Quarterly and has had shows in such prestigious galleries as The Scarab club (Detroit),  Jules Meighet (San Francisco).  Myles has also been an award winning photographer nationally and internationally. 

Myles' creative career started in music then went on to dance and now has found "comfort and peace in stillness behind the lens".  His performing arts background includes being part of the  Blue Lakes International Choir and touring Scandinavia with the choir.  His love of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance led him to studying dance at the American Dance Academy, Western Michigan University and with the Nonce Dance Company at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit.

When asked about his influences he gives credit to Fine art photographer Patricia Izzo who has been a good friend of Myles. "She has been a fabulous role model helping me find my rhythm," stated Myles.  

Myles goes on to explain his work, "It's all about the light! Light and shadow have been the foundation of photography since the beginning. While illumination is important, darkness is an equally compelling component and together are the elements of a successful photograph."

Myles Gallagher

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