Myles gallagher

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn in by all types of art and taking my vision to a final product. In my youth I studied music; during my teens Visual Arts and Performing Arts. During High School at Saint Alphonsus my summers were enjoyed attending sessions at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp studying Voice, Singing, Musical Theater and Choir. The icing on the cake was being accepted for Blue Lakes International Choir where we toured Scandinavia. Later in my teens my love affair with Classical Ballet and Modern Dance could no longer be denied. I studied at American Dance Academy and at WMU and in addition, studying Modern Dance with Nonce Dance Company at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit.  I earned my BS from the College of Arts and Science at Western MI University.  My studies included Fine Art, Humanities and English. I worked in the Student Art Gallery and earned an internship for Gallery Exhibitions.


My method is a relationship that rotates between chance and Intention.  Using only existing lighting and zero staging is essential… Chance equals anything I see; any place or space minus intent that instills a feeling in my heart.  Then with excitement I capture that image and moment with a photograph.  Intention equals creating new meaning to otherwise mundane, assorted images. Just things we see, images on earth that we pay zero attention to. With altering the view point of that moment, a new image is captured and created. Then deciding where to place the image in space on paper, I have created something new. With intention I have created Art.

Wake Up… Open your eyes… Now is my time to share all the beauty that revolves around us…

Man - I know all is Art

By Chance

With Intention

Available Works By Myles Gallagher.

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I AM NOT Alone Fort Wayne Detroit (38 by 29.5) © Myles Gallagher 2017.jpg