Tim 1Bio:

Tim has always worked with his hands. At nine years old, he learned to work with metal. At thirteen, he learned glasswork. His work is still mixed media, as you will see in “Status Chroma.”

As a college student, he originally studied golf course management, but grew tired of production art.

He enrolled in the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and graduated in December of 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art.

“My art is a combination of 3D painting and sculpture,” says Southward. “It’s always evolving.”

When he’s not in the studio, he’s teaching at Michigan Hot Glass.

Artist Statement:

“My art is a clash between nature and the industrial. I’m always trying to evolve as a glass artist. My craft is my ability to recreate and evolve as artist. I change my medium to portray an image. I don’t think much about my work, I just make it. I hope to design and create something new every time.”


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